Adverbs & Verbs

You started with the basic verbs and nounds and made sentences. Then you learnt a few adjectives and nouns to make more sentences. If you learn a few adverbs and verbs you will be able to convey your message still better. This section focuses on that.

Combine Adverbs and Verbs to form sentences.

இங்கே  / ingae – ఇక్కడ  / here

அங்கே /  angae – అక్కడ  / there

இங்கே வா / வாங்க.-  ఇక్కడికి రా / రండి.  Come here.
ingae vaa / vaanga 

அங்கே போ / போங்க.- అక్కడికి వెళ్ళు / వెళ్ళండి. Go there.
angae po / ponga

இங்கே பார் / பாருங்க.- ఇక్కడ చూడు / చూడండి. Look here.
ingae paar / paarunga 

In the same way more sentences can be formed.

இந்த போட்டோ பாரு / பாருங்க. ఈ ఫోటో చూడు / చూడండి. 
inda photo paaru / parrunga     Look at this photo.

இங்கே வாங்க. இந்த படம் பாருங்க. ఇక్కడికి రండి. ఈ ఫోటో చూడండి. 
ingae vaanga. indha padam paarunga.  Come here. Look at this photo.

அங்கே போ. அந்த பென் எடு. అక్కడికి వెళ్ళు. ఆ పెన్ను తీసుకో. 
angae po. andha pen edu.   Go there. Take that pen.

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