Day 2

Learn Hindi

Remember that regular practice and revising what we learn helps in internalizing the new language expressions and the first week is the most important one to establish a proper routine. Choose a time of your day when you can study with concentration from 15 to 30 minutes. Find someone to talk to and practice what you learn in real life contexts. If that is not possible join the WhatsApp group and practice with fellow participants.

In the first lesson we learned to greet someone, respond to greetings and talk about what you want. In this lesson we will learn a few verbs and nouns and combine them to make sentences. Start speaking Hindi right away using whatever you learn.

Learn to ask someone to give you something by watching the video and repeating the sentences. Mujhe thoda paani deejiye. This means you are saying, ‘Give me a little water’.

Here the word thoda make this sentence sound like a request. Without thoda the sentence may sound like an order. Thoda means a little but it is also added to sentences to make them sound like requests and make them sound polite.

The word for ‘Please’ in Hindi is ‘Krupaya’ but most people use the English word please itself. Otherwise they just add thoda to their sentence and make it sound like a request.

You can make it more polite by asking it as a question.

Mujhe thoda paani denge?

This is equivalent to, ‘Will you give me some water, please?’

‘Krupaya mujhe thoda paani deejiye.’ You can use this also and it means, “Please give me a little water.” Here we are using the exact equivalent to the word Please and we are also including thoda.

If someone asks, ‘Do you know Hindi?’ You may say, ‘Yes, a little.’ For this you may say, ‘Thoda, thoda’.

A little later as you get better at using Hindi you may say, ‘Mai thodi bahut Hindi jaanti hun (female)/ jaantaa hun (male).’ (The verbs have a male and female ending. For men the verbs end in ‘aa’ sound and for women the verbs end in ‘i’ sound.)

Here the word thodi means a little, and bahut means a lot and both together mean, you know a fair amount of Hindi.

Now read the verbs and nouns from this book and learn to make sentences.

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Exercises Day 2:

  1. Post an audio on how you plan to study Hindi. Commit yourself to a specific time of day and the number of minutes you would like to study. Share it with others and tell them once a week how far you have been able to keep up your promise to yourself.
  2. Watch the video, learn to say the sentences and post an audio.
  3. What do you understand about the use of the word ‘thoda’? Share with others.
  4. Read the book and repeat the sentences and post an audio of you saying these sentences.
  5. Play the same game or another game here: Share in the group which game you played and how you found it.

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