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If you are looking for self learning materials to learn Tamil, தமிழ், you have come to the right place. Go through the materials, learn on your own and if you have any doubt join our WhatsApp community to ask your questions. Start with ‘How to Learn Tamil’ if you want to learn to speak in தமிழ். 

To Speak in Tamil

Every Day Plan

To speak in Tamil as fast as possible learn a few verbs and nouns.

Combine them to make sentences to convey your message.

If you just learn a few verbs you can use English loan words to communicate easily.

Once you are comfortable exchanging a few ideas, begin to learn to read the letters.

Start with two letters per day, the words related to those words and the sentences you can make with them.

Use a Tamil book, newspaper or advertisement notices to identify those letters.

Learning to read is not necessary to speak in Tamil but it will help in improving your vocabulary quickly.

Watch audio and video materials to learn the proper ways of using what you learn.

If possible attend WhatsApp classes or make friends with a native speaker for more help.

Watch Tamil movies and listen to Tamil songs.

How to Go to the Video of your choice

The videos will play one after the other. After clicking the Play button in the centre you can go to the or previous next video by clicking the Play button at the bottom.

For the complete Youtube Playlist go here: Tamil Videos

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