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The easiest way to learn English is to begin as babies do. They get exposure to a lot of language around them, people start talking to them in very short sentences, which sometimes have only one verb. For example, mother may say to the baby, ‘come, come, come here’ with a hand gesture that points towards her. Later she may point to an object at a distance and say, ‘go, go, go there’. She may ay ‘pick, pick that toy’ and so on. The baby starts with single verbs, learns some nouns, later starts making two word sentences.

You can learn any language in the same way. If you want to see a sample check this.

The first thing the mother does is to give the child a comprehensible input that the baby can understand from the words, the intonation, the gestures and the surrounding. Later whatever the baby is able to say, the mother repeats in complete sentences and this way the mother provides more input for the baby. Gradually the child starts to make more and more complex sentences and conveys whatever it wants to get done.

The use of the language by the child is meaningful and has a real life purpose to get something done or to avoid something. ‘Toy give’, ‘No milk’ and the like. When we learn a language if we have a purpose for which we want to use it and if we are able to learn that working with a partner or a native speaker we will be able to learn faster.

Children love to play games. Everything is play for them in the initial years. So if it is possible to practice the language through games we would also enjoy the experience and it will be less stressful. Check a sample here.

Would you believe me if I say that you can learn a language in six months? Check out this section and I am sure you will be convinced. You can also learn the language using ChatGPT or Google Bard. The same section will provide you with some tips for doing this.

Check out this article to know why you should learn with Want2Learn. We will be adding more audio, video and text materials as per the visitors request. We will also be sharing other experts articles and learning materials that are submitted to the site. Keep checking back this section for the updates.

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