Day 5

Learn Hindi

In the earlier lesson you learned ‘ye leejiye’, ‘take this’ and in this lesson you will learn ‘laayiye’, ‘bring’. The non polite form is ‘laavo’ which we can use with youngsters and close friends. Think of something you want someone to bring to you and say it with ‘laayiye’. For example, if you are placing an order in a restaurent and if the waiter asks you, ‘kyaa laavoo ma’am?’, ‘What shall I bring you ma’am?’, you can say, ‘pizza laayiye’. You may also just say, ‘ek roti, ek sabji, aur ek salad laayiye’. Or if you mention just the items the ‘laayiye’ part will be understood by the waiters and they will bring them.

Watch the video and repeat the sentences alound. Write down some of the words if you feel that you may forget them.

If you have downloaded the Writing App suggested in the previous lesson and have started learning the letters of the alphabet, have a look at this book. You need not know all the letters to begin with. On the first page, for example, pay attention to the first letter ‘a’ and the words that begin with it such as anaar, akhbar, etc. The sentences that go with it will help you repeat the ‘a words’ to convey a message.

Excercies Day 5:

  1. Think of visiting a restaurant and placing an order. Write a conversation and prepare an audio. Post in the group.
  2. What are the words that begin with the letters a, ae, ou and a:. Say them aloud and the related sentences and post an audio.
  3. Which sentences or conversation did you try to prepare using the Google Translate App? Copy and paste it in WhatsApp or prepare an audio based on that.
  4. Play a game at
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