Day 4

Learn Hindi

Revise what you have learned in teh first three days before proceeding with Day 4. Have you set up a time for your Hindi practice and are you sticking to your plan? If you have any questions don’t hesitate to chat with us on WhatsApp.

In the last lesson you watched a video that used expressions such as ‘paani pee lo’, drink water. The polite form of ‘lo’ is leejiye. If you are talking to an elder, a stranger or someone you treat with respect, you need to use the form ‘leejiye’. So you might want to say, ‘paani pee leejiye’ instead of ‘paani pee lo’.

Watch this video to learn how you can use ‘leejiye’ with ‘pehan’ to ask someone to wear something. Practice the sentence by repeating them alound. Use them with a partner in real conversation.

Whenever we learn a new language a few expressions such as, ‘How do I say it in ……… (Hindi)?’ or ‘What is this called in …………. (Hindi)?’ are useful. Watch this one minute video and learn such expressions. Say them out loud and learn to say them with the proper intonation. These will be very useful to you and it will help you learn faster.

Excercises Day 4:

  1. Prepare a simple conversation wherein you are asking someone how to say something in Hindi and they respond to you. Share the audio in WhatsApp group.
  2. Think of some more expressions that you can use with the verbs ‘lo’ and ‘leejiye’. Share the sentences in the group.
  3. Use the Google translation to participate in a conversation. Think of a situation in your own language. Speak the sentences using the audio in Google translate, copy the translated sentences in Hindi and post in the group. You can also type the sentences instead of speaking them and then get the translation in Hindi.
  4. If you want to practice writing in Hindi download this Hindi writing app from the Google play store. You will learn the sound of each letter and you can practice writing each letter using the app.
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