English For Young Children

Young children learn a lot when we interact with them on a one to one basis. When we talk to them using simple words that are accompanied with gestures, pictures and whatever is available i the surrounding to help them understand the meaning, they learn chunks of language easily. The more they enjoy the experience the better the learning will be.

In our school system we learn languges for 10 to 12 years without getting the desired results. This is so because we learn languages in the same way we learn other subjects such as Social Studies and Science. We do not need to memorise bits of information and learn answers to questions based on a lesson just for the sake of passing examination. We need to use the language for communication. We can learn any language within a few months.

Watch these videos and play the games to understand how this can be done.

  1. Games for Learning Languages
  2. Learning a Language Quickly

Once we learn the language in the first year, the later years will only be revising what we have learnt and acquiring aditional competence to develop native like competence.

Listen to stories and read stories to learn fast. If you are helping youngsters learn to read start with Phonics and make them aware of the sounds of each letters.

Play these games with them and they will have fun while learning.

Let them learn rhymes and songs for each sound. That way they will get a lot of practice in repeating each sound a number of times in an enjoyable way.

Go to Rhymes for Each Sound