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Learning can be fun if we can learn through games, tories and jokes. Once the basics are clear more learning can take place through interaction with a native speaker. Watch these WhatsApp video classes to get an idea of how practising with a native speaker can help you.

Taking a test to evaluate oneself can also be a good way of knowing how much we have learnt and what more we want to learn.

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Telugu is mainly spoken by the people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. There are more than 81 million native speakers of Telugu in India. Telugu is the fourth most spoken language in India and 15th in the world in the Ethnologic list of languages by number of native speakers. 

Learning Telugu will be easy if we start with simple words and phrases of everyday conversation and learn to read Telugu by identifying the letters of the alphabet. It might be better to practise writing the letters as that will fix the letters in our mind and it will make reading Telugu easier for us. Being in touch with Telugu speakers, watching Telugu programmes, listening to Telugu plays and radio programmes will help in getting a good exposure to the language.

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