Day 3

Learn Hindi

Some people learn languages very fast. The main reason for it is they have a need for learning a new language and they try out with somebody whatever they learn.

You can find a partner to try out whatever you learn, children are great partners and you won’t feel bad even if they laugh at you. If you don’t have access to anyone you should practice in the WhatsApp class where the fellow learners are in the same boat as you and they usually encourage the effort you put in to talk in a new language.

In English when we say ‘you’ it is the same for strangers, friends, elders and youngsters. In Hindi you will be ‘aap’ (polite form) ‘tum’ (non polite form) and ‘too’ (intimate).

In the same way the verbs also have a polite and non polite form in Hindi.

If you are talking to your father and say, ‘Drink the milk’ you may say, ‘Doodh peejiye’ or ‘Doodh pee leejiye’.

If you are talking to your child you may say, ‘Doodh pee lo’ or ‘Doodh peevo’.

Watch this video and learn how to talk to youngsters using non polite forms in Hindi.

In the book you referred to on Day 2 there were some polite and non polite forms such as ‘deejiye’ and ‘do’. Have a look at them again.

Watch the videos and repeat the sentences aloud. If there are any words you feel is difficult to remember try to associate it with something you already know.

For example, ‘daadaa’ means grandfater. If you find it difficult to remember think of what the sound of this word reminds you of. Suppose it reminds you of daadi in Tamil, imagine an old person with a flowing beard and imagine yourself calling him ‘daada’ and he turning to look at you and smile.

Exercises Day 3:
  1. Prepare an audio of the sentences in the videos. Share it with your learning partner.
  2. Prepare a small conversation with the expressions you have learned. Share it in the group. Take roles and read the conversation.
  3. Play a game here:
  4. Download Google Translation App. By using this app you can easily translate from any language to Hindi. You can just speak a sentence in Tamil and get it translated to Hindi. There can be minor mistakes in the translation which we can discuss and make corrections.
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