Learn Adjectives & Nouns

You have already learnt three verbs and three nouns and made sentences to convey your idea. Use it with someone or saying aloud to yourself. Learn the pronunciation and the way of saying the expressions by listening to the audio and video materials. In this section we will learn a few adjectives and nouns.

  1. Combine adjectives and nouns to form sentences.

పెద్ద – பெத்த / pedda – பெரிய / big
చిన్న – சின்ன / chinna – சின்ன / small

ఇల్లు – இல்லு / illu – வீடு / house
దుకాణం – துகாணம் / dukaanam – கடை / shop
పెట్టె- பெட்டெ / pette – பெட்டி / box

ఇది – இதி/ idi – இது / this
అది – அதி / adi – அது / that


ఇది చిన్న దుకాణం. – இது சின்ன கடை. / This is a small shop.
இதி சின்ன துகாணம் / idi chinna dukaanam

అది పెద్ద దుకాణం. – அது பெரிய கடை. / That is a big shop.
அதி பெத்த துகாணம் / adi pedda dukaanam.

In the same way other sentences can be made.

ఇది పెద్ద ఇల్లు. – இது பெரிய வீடு. / This is a big house.
இதி பெத்த இல்லு / idi pedda illu

అది చిన్న ఇల్లు. – அது சின்ன வீடு. / That is a small house.
அதி சின்ன இல்லு / adi chinna illu

ఇది చిన్న పెట్టె. – இது சின்ன பெட்டி. / This is a small box.
இதி சின்ன பெட்டெ / idi chinna pette

అది పెద్ద పెట్టె. – அது பெரிய பெட்டி. / That is a big box.
அதி பெத்த பெட்டெ / adi pedda pette

Extra Tip:

Add some loan words from English to convey your message.

idi chinna suitcase / hotel / swimming pool
adi pedda theatre / hostel / mosque

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