Relations & Questions

Learning some relationship words and question words will be very useful to ask and answer questions and participate in a conversation.

அம்மா అమ్మ mother


அண்ணா అన్న elder brother


அக்கா అక్క elder sister


பாட்டி అమ్మమ్మ grandmother


mother’s mother

தாத்தா తాతయ్య grandfather


கணவன் భర్త husband


ஆண் குழந்தை బాబు baby boy

baby boy

அப்பா నాన్న father


தம்பி తమ్ముడు younger brother


தங்கை చెల్లి younger sister


பாட்டி నాయనమ్మ grandmother


father’s mother

தாத்தா తాతయ్య grandfather


மனைவி భార్య wife


பெண் குழந்தை పాప baby girl

penn kuzhandhai

Learn Some Pronouns & Questions

I நான் / naan/ నేను

you நீ / நீங்க /nee, neenga/ నువ్వు / మీరు

my என் /en/ నా நா

your உன் / உங்க /un unga/ నీ / మీ /

Learn a Question Word What என்ன /enna/ ఏమి ஏமி

Now use these to ask and answer questions.

Name பேரு / paeru/ పేరు

What is your name? உன் பேரு என்ன ? உங்க பேரு என்ன ?

un paeru enna unga paeru enna

‘un’ simple form and ‘unga’ polite form.

My name is Mili. என் பேரு மிலி

Using this pattern and the relationship words you can ask atleast 10 questions.

You can understand and answer 10 questions.

உங்க அம்மா பேரு என்ன ?

உங்க அக்கா பேரு என்ன ?

என் அம்மா பேரு பத்மா.

என் அக்கா பேரு கவிதா.


Replace amma with naanna, annaa, tammudu, chelli, taathayya, ammammaa, naayanamma and make questions and get answers.

Find a partner to practice. You can also use some of the words usually used in English and ask a question with a mix of Telugu and English.

meeru office paeru emi?

ee restaurant paeru emi?

ee dish paeru emi?

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