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You can learn Hindi on your own using the resources, chatting with us on the forum and sharing your questions and getting clarifications or attend a WhatsApp class. If you need clarification on anything contact us.

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We have a WhatsApp group for the learners learning Hindi and they share their progress, get their questions answered and find people to interacti with and use the language.

Learning Hindi Through Want2Learn

Maine deka, Maine chidiya dekhi – gender change – Why? Learn here.

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Hindi Basics

To learn to speak in Hindi it is not necessary to learn the letters. But getting an idea of how the letters appear, learning the sounds they make and beginning to read some Hindi texts will help in improving the language competence.

These books are meant for people who want to learn Tamil through Hindi. But you can use it to learn the Hindi letters. For each Tamil word the pronunciation is given using the  Hindi letters. If you know Tamil you can learn the Hindi letters through these books.

If you want to learn the letters of Hindi along with the related words this will be useful.

We have some rhymes for learning HIndi with fun. These cover the sounds of the Hindi Language. This is specially prepared for children.

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